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Type D House in The Riviera at Puri

27 November 2018

After success with type B and type C houses at The Riviera at Puri. In mid-October, Keppel Land Indonesia once again launched one of the best types of dream houses in the The Riviera at Puri residence. The type D house!


Security is Number One

Apart from home facilities, what about the complementary quality of the building? For glass and sliding doors in type D houses made of aluminum framed glass. While our main door is made of solid engineered wood which means strong solid wood. By prioritizing security, the type D main door has a fingerprint lock that also makes everything more practical. Security cameras are also added at the main entrance to the terrace and living room.

Let's talk about other benefit. The temperature of Indonesia makes Keppel Land Indonesia consider of air conditioning in every bedroom in the type D house The Riviera at Puri. However, even though Indonesia has high humidity, there are times when you need warm water for your kitchen and bathing. Therefore, hot water is installed in the kitchen and throughout the bathroom in the type D house The Riviera at Puri.

What distinguishes type D from other type? The first is type D is made on 12.8 x 20 meters land with a building area of ??253 square meters. Parking for type D houses is enough for four cars. Inside the house there are four bedrooms with four bathrooms, one of which is equipped with a bath-up. There are two kitchens in type D houses, one clean kitchen and one wet kitchen. We also did not forget the importance of the area for household assistants, so type D houses were equipped with rooms and bathrooms for them. A large flexible room that can be made into anything according to your needs we also provide on the second floor of type D house The Riviera at Puri. 


Stay Healthy The Riviera at Puri

Strategic is indeed the main thing for you to consider buying property. But comfortable housing facilities that can support your healthy lifestyle are also important considerations. At The Riviera at Puri, you can also enjoy, the Club House which has a swimming pool inside and a boardwalk that runs along the river that separated the residence.

Do not hesitate to find out more about your dream house, type D at The Riviera at Puri residence. Call 021-29030700 or WhatsApp to 08228889700 for complete information.